Compile PyQt and Eric5

Here is not the best place to describe compilation of PyQt and eric5, but it will do, at least for now. After all, compiling involves installation of some kind and the installation is fairly similar to the pypi aims of making installation simpler.

First, these notes do not eliminate the need to read the documentation on PyQt, which can be found at:

There at the right hand side are the links to downloads and the documentation. These my notes are just that - notes. They should help me to remember how I did it and so reduce future blundering around.

Before starting compilation of PyQt suite, we install Qt binaries from the Linux distribution. In my case, that is ubuntu, currently 11.01, natty. Actually, I use kubuntu, which is much the same distribution, but based on KDE desktop environment.

Our plan is to compile with Python3 (currently Python 3.2) as we can not find ubuntu binaries for PyQt bound to Python3. As PyQt requires that sip be installed first, we select the tar ball for sip from

download it and expand it. Make sure that make and qmake are installed. From CLI change (cd) to the directory where is and issue the following commands


sudo make install


cd to the directory of PyQt with the file and execute the following commands:

make install

Note that the make step takes quite a long time - PyQt is a big program! Both sip and PyQt are very well documented with html files prepared by sphinx. The documents are best viewed by your favorite browser by opening doc/html/index.html file and following the links.


After downloading and expanding the tar ball, execute the following commands:

cd Qt4
sudo make install

Now execute the binding of QScintilla to Python3:

cd Python
sudo make install


Eric5 is specifically designed for python3 programs. Not surprisingly, it requires not only python3, but also PyQt and QScintilla tied to python3. The installation of eric5 is somewhat non-standard, but very simple indeed. After downloading and expanding the tar ball:

cd eric5
sudo python3

That’s it - we have the python3 version of PyQt and eric5 design interface. Time for a cup of coffee!

Algis Kabaila 2011-08-15

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