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Linux is the fastest growing OS (Operating System!).  The recent dream of the dominant operating system is "free" PC with every OS sold.  A contrary vision of the future with free choice and free of monopolies, every PC will come with a free OS!

I am a newbee in Linux and therefore I can not give any assurance that my recommendations are correct.  I simply tried to record what worked for me, but I do not know if  the same procedures will work for you.  At this time I have not had any feedback about these notes so these notes may well contain errors.  If you have any suggestions, corrections or requests, please feel free to contact me by email.  My email address is at the bottom of this section.

With this warning, here are the notes of connecting SuSE Linux to TIP-BB (The Internet Project, Broad Band via TransACT):

 doubt            ConfigHAN.pdf

Here are some links that I once upon a time used. I found a wealth of information there, so I am offering these links for your use:

* regarding boot sequences and multi-boot

# ATAPI: How it Works

# Computer Boot Sequence

# Archer's Harddisk Management

# Multiboot

# The Real Multi Boot

# ranish.com: Partition Manager

# XOSL: Extended Operating System Loader

* Undocumented / Hidden Secrets in MS-DOC & Windows commands


* Linux Server for the Home User

# A nice article about Home Server

# And another article about Home Media Server

Enjoy reading them.


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